Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab

cardiac_rehab3Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a broad inter-disciplinary program that improves patient cardio-pulmonary function, increases understanding of the disease and improves level of activity, quality of life and return to work. This program is specifically geared to those with Chronic Pulmonary and Cardiac Disease as well as those who were recently hospitalized for a Cardiac Surgery or breathing related issue. Our therapists, under the guidance of our Pulmonologist and Cardiologist work seven days a week to improve endurance to maximize physical independence and ability to perform activities of daily living. These programs allow the patient to regain strength, mobility and independence. Our nursing staff provide around the clock monitoring and respiratory care to ensure proper disease management and educate the patient on medication management and strategies for reducing and preventing future illness. Our individually tailored therapy and nutrition regimens focus on maximizing the patients ability to lead an independent life. Our social work and case management teams provide continuous support to both residents and their families to ensure a safe and appropriate return to the community.